Review of different speaker stands from different brands – which one should I buy?

Before you set out exploring different speaker stands, the first thing to consider is whether you would at all need a speaker stand. Perhaps you could simply park your speakers on a book case, an unused compartment in the entertainment centre and save a few dollars. But, that can potentially deprive you of the best audio experience possible.

Wall Mounted Box Speaker

A speaker stand design enhances the listening pleasure, irrespective of the application and optimizes the sound quality by lifting it off the floor and off the walls that could be distorting the sound effect. It is important however to understand the speaker stands that are just right for your needs. Jd’s Sound & Lighting has a variety of speaker stands and brackets. Let us quickly consider some of the important aspects that will influence your selection.

Tall Speaker Stand

Your specific needs, the type of DJ activity, frequency and size of your audience are also among the important considerations that will go into selecting appropriate equipment.


The size of your speaker stand should match the shape and size of your speaker itself. A size that is marginally bigger than the size of the speaker should be ideal.


Your speaker stand should be able to hold the weight of the speaker comfortably. If the stand becomes top heavy when you put on the speaker, you have greater chances of the speaker tipping over.


Choose a design that blends well with your speaker system for aesthetics as well as sound quality.


Irrespective of the size and design of the speaker stand, it is imperative that you choose a sturdy piece.

Choosing speaker stand brands

As for the brands to choose from, there are plenty, and a snapshot of some of the leading brands is given below:-

Soundstyle z2
This is considered ideal for people who are on a budget with a price tag of around $125

Atacama Moseco 6
Modestly priced, you will find this brand can make your speakers sound dynamic and weighty. They can work with a range of speakers and not just the budget variants and is classified as the best value for money stands.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 Speaker Stands
Designed specifically for Concept 20 speakers, this stand works exceedingly well with other speakers too.

Quadraspire QV60
The looks are somewhat different but when you examine carefully you will find that they are simply two pieces of skilfully sculpted wood with sturdy pins holding them together. You can get fast, crisp, detailed and attacking sound if you fall in love with the design.

Custom Design SQ 400
Another excellent brand that will help your kit perform on top

Apollo A1
Well-finished and decent stands, though you could get better stuff for the same money or thereabouts.

Custom Design FS104 Signature
Best value for money. Award winner in 2013 and allows the speakers to sound transparent, rhythmical and vibrant.

Soundstyle Z2
With a price tag below $100, this constitutes a brilliant upgrade for your hi-fi. You can expect dynamics, rhythm and detail from your speakers when you put them on these stands.

The Best Non-Undergarment Undergarment for Every Dress in Your Closet

There are so many times when you go to your closet and exactly know what dress to wear out on a Friday night or to that special event on a Saturday. However, as you try on the perfect dress, something’s not right. As first, it is that your bra straps are showing. Next, you realise your strapless bra is uncomfortable and requires constant adjustment. Therefore, you move onto the last resort – wearing no bra at all.

However, as you look at your appearance, it becomes painfully obvious that your dress looked much better with a bit of support and that small amount of fabric between your dress and nipples. Perhaps, it is that your nipples are protruding between out of a thin or clingy material. Alternatively, the cut of the dress could be all wrong for going bare breasted, yet a bra would be too visible under such a risqué look. 

Well, ladies, it is time to stop deciding between embarrassing bra straps, uncomfortable strapless bras, and breasts that are far too “out there.” There is a better option on the market for women of all ages, sizes, and styles. This option provides all of the comfort and discretion that you want, without any of the embarrassing slips and shows that you want to avoid. The solution is nipple covers. Many famous stars such as Lena Dunham to choose this kind of products under their dress.

What are Nipple Covers?

Nipple covers, or as they are also called nipple shields or pasties, are a small piece of plastic or other material that fits over the areola of the breast. In some regards, these circular undergarments look more like stickers or band aids than a type of bra or women’s item. It is a small and extremely concealable product that will improve the look of any party dress, evening gown, or revealing top in your wardrobe.

Traditional Nipple CoversThe most common reason to wear nipple covers is to add some decency to a particularly revealing dress or top. This revealing nature could be due to a low cut or very light fabric compared with others. In either instance, slightly disguising the nipple can make a woman feel more confident in a great outfit.

As well, certain fabrics are rough against the skin, even if they are thin. This can be incredibly uncomfortable to deal with over the course of an entire night, and many women return home after a great night out or event to find that their nipples are sore or even bleeding. It can be painful and embarrassing. The good news is nipple covers can address this problem as well. Nipple covers prevent chaffing or other rubbings on the nipple and areola.

Nipple covers come with a ride range of materials. The most common kind is made of plastic. However, the one commonality is that the material must act as an adhesive to the breast because nipple covers are simply that single, circular material without any other point of contact or connection to the skin. Some materials that are growing in popularity for nipple covers include plastic, silicone, and might be involved in a sheer fabric, much like a band aid, on the exterior side. Silicone is by far the most common fabric, and for a good reason.

Reasons for Silicone Nipple Covers

Style of Nipple CoversSilicone nipple covers are the most popular type of nipple cover available on the market. These nipple covers do a better job of staying in place and sticking to the skin. In order to keep the areola shielded from view, a nipple cover must not move throughout the day or night. Often, this can mean through sweating or lots of movement by a wearer. For the most part, silicone nipple covers are going to hold up the best in this regard.

As well, most silicone nipple covers can be reused. Certain brands and types of pastries, as were made famous by exotic dancers, can only be worn a single time and must be disposed of afterwards. However, silicone nipple covers are made of a more durable, hypoallergenic material. This prevents the nipple covers from ripping or tearing during removal and means they stay cleaner and wearable longer.

Silicone nipple covers can also be cleaned or washed after wearing. While other types of nipple covers can be ruined by a lot of water or lose their adhesive ability when put in soap, silicone will stay intact and still attach to the body. The best method is to rinse silicone nipple covers in warm water and use a small amount of soap, then rise again. It is important to handle the nipple covers gently and use a soft soap. This will help keep the nipple covers in good condition longer.

Evolution of Nipple Covers in Fashion

In recent years celebrities have made nipple covers into somewhat of a fashion item. When wearing their barely there dress or top with sheer fabric, certain famous faces will wear colourful or creatively cut nipple covers. The intention, of course, is not to hide these look at me silicone covers from view, but highlight them as part of the overall wardrobe or look.

While some celebrities have been spotted or photographed with this look, it has not yet taken off with the general public, and even fashionistas in New York and L.A. seem hesitant to take on noticeable pasties. Ultimately, this daring fashion move is not for the faint of heart, and if worn, must be done so with attitude. For most women, the best bet regarding buying nipple covers is to start nude coloured pasties that go with everything and can be tested with different items in your closet. The most popular shape, by far, are circular nipple covers. Although for some dresses or styles it is good to be aware that nipple covers come in multiple shapes and even multiples sizes. The differing sizes allow for women with different size breasts and areolas to find a nipple cover that works for their body type.

Perhaps after a few trial runs, you will be ready to rock one or more on B free Intimate Apparel to choose your favourite colour, pattern, or interesting shape for nipple covers.